This section contains two procudures, one is OEM, and the other is ODM.

Under the condition of OEM, customer just need to release the label spec before shipment. If considering the ODM,

Customer need to release the drawings, then RD Team need to negociate with Customer about the details. The Quotation will be updated to customer after the design discussed.

  • (1) Base on Customer's requirement to arrange the service of OEM or ODM.
  • (2) Under the condition of OEM, Trustnuo can arrange the shipment after Logo authrozation approved. Under the condition of ODM, customer need Release the drawings of product.
  • (3) Under the condition of ODM, Trustnuo releases the quotations base on drawings.
  • (4) Customer noticed the design lock down.
  • (5) Trustnuo could arrang the materials and production unless geting the notification from customer about the design lock down.
  • (6) After get the authorization of customer's logo, TRUSTNUO started the labling process after authorization.
  • (7) Base on customer's orders to arrang the shipment.