Quality Policy

We strive to deliver utmost quality in customer service.

Total quality (of product and service experience) is our highest priority and the cornerstone of everything we do.

Our Quality Policy is to “Challenge assumptions, focus on our customers, commit to quality and continuous improvement.”

  • Full participation
    The company encourages all employees to participate in the promotion and implementation of the quality policy. Then all people can fully understand the same target of the quality policy. It is easy to communicate and follow the directions.
  • Quality first
    Quality is like the lifeline of an enterprise, and the quality that customers care about is the foundation on which we stand. TRUSTNUO put quality control as the first priority task. The inspection and Production must follow the Inspection Standard Criteria and SOP.
  • Customer satisfaction
    No matter the urgent demand or not, at the first stage, It must to finish the specification alignment before arranging the production and testing, TRUSTNUO follow the ISO9000 Rules and imlementation strictly.
  • Technological innovation
    TRUSTNUO believe that only technological innovation can maintain the vitality and competitiveness of the company. The times are advancing, science and technology are innovating again, and the necessary patent barriers can enable the company to gain a certain advantage in the competition.
  • Continuous improvement
    Every year, according to the company's development strategy and market conditions, the business policy and annual quality goals are set, and PDCA's improvement activities are implemented to ensure that the goals are achieved.