Company Culture


Promises let us know what responsibility is!


TRUSTNUO Technology put the Commitment as the first priority of Compay Culture due to we eager to satisfy our Customers' requirement. Although it is not easy to meet the every single detail, we will still seek all the resources of the company to work hard to achieve the promise to our customers. Actually, It is true that every singel prouct have the specification, and we make the commitment after the specification alligment was done.

Passion lets us know what the team is!


Our core members come from high-tech manufacturing and Assebmly companies such as Foxconn, ASUS etc. They are accompanied by a fast-growing generation in the process of rapid upgrade of China's high-tech products. They have ambitions to creat a new high-tech company, like the company which named as HUAWEI, TECENT, ALIBABA, ZTE etc. They don’t want to miss the opportunity to upgrade to Industry 4.0.

Innovation lets us know what progress is!


We treat every product trial as an opportunity for technological progress and innovation. The optical communication industry has many technical barriers, we believe every small progress is the accumulation of technology. At the same time, we are also patenting the layout, and silicon will be more widely used in 400G and 800G and more higher speed in the future.

Execution lets us know what efficiency is!


As we all know, efficiency is the lifeline of an enterprise. We take care of the each procedure of the manufacturing as we know saving if more earlier than wasting cycletime. Especially for the Optical Transceiver Module production. The semi-auto machine takes few proceduces, like the testing stations, and DDM Testing, they will cost more secends.How to maximize efficiency? Every production procudures should be executed when engineer verified the process. It can be said that there is a race against time.