How do I judge the quality of a third-party optical module?

First of all, we do not often know that many major switch manufacturers do not produce optical modules themselves, but are OEM/ODM by specialized optical module manufacturers. Therefore, when selecting optical modules, it is very important to judge the quality of optical modules produced by third-party optical module manufacturers.


As we all know, optical module is an essential part of optical network system, its main function is photoelectric conversion. Although the price of one optical module is not very high, the total cost of building a large and complete optical network transmission system, such as a data center, requires a large number of optical modules, especially when using the original optical module, will be very staggering. Compatible optical modules effectively solve the problem of high deployment cost of optical modules. However, some people still worry about the quality of compatible optical modules. The following uses the TRUSTNUO optical module as an example to explain whether the quality of third-party compatible optical modules is reliable.


The following describes three factors to judge whether the compatible optical module is reliable:


1. Digital Diagnostic Monitoring interface (DDMI) according to SFF-8472


SFF-8472 standard is a key factor to judge the quality and compatibility of compatible optical modules. It is formulated by the SFF Committee and defines the DIGITAL Diagnostic Monitoring Interface (DDMI) for optical modules. It helps us understand the operating parameters of optical modules in real time. Generally speaking, THE SFF-8472 standard defines a framework for optical modules from third-party suppliers, and the quality of optical modules that meet this standard is basically guaranteed. The optical module configured with DDMI provides the alarm function. When one or more data of the optical module exceeds the standard parameters specified by the manufacturer, the main computer receives an alarm from the optical module to remind the user of the fault.


2. Fault locating function


In optical fiber links, fault location helps you quickly locate and rectify faults, reducing downtime. The optical modules comply with SFF-8472 standard usually have Digital Diagnostic Monitoring. We can use the function of optical module to comprehensively analyze the transmitting power, receiving power, operating temperature, virtual channel connection (Vcc), transmitter bias warning and alarm status, so as to determine the fault point in the optical fiber link.


3. Verify compatibility


Compatibility verification is the only way to determine the performance of an optical module. Generally speaking, the higher the performance of an optical module is, the stronger the compatibility is. In some cases, the performance of the optical module may deteriorate or even cause transmission faults if the working environment is not good. The common cases are as follows:


The voltage exceeds the standard value of the optical module, the received power exceeds or is lower than the sensitivity of the optical module receiver, and the temperature exceeds the standard value of the optical module.


4.TRUSTNUO optical module compatibility test


TRUSTNUO is a professional supplier of optical modules. The compatible optical modules provided by TRUSTNUO are comparable to the original optical modules. We have a special procedure for testing the compatibility of optical modules to ensure that each optical module is 100% compatible. We can be compatible with various major brands of network equipment, such as Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, ZTE, Brocade, HP, MikroTik, etc., with favorable prices and sufficient inventory, most products can be delivered on the same day.

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